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The New Home Page

This is the new incarnation of Hostile.org. The site was taken down in early March 2015 due to the older server being successfully attacked and broken into. It has been partially up since the middle of March 2015.

I am slowly recovering what I can from the old server. It is online in a limited manner, having no gateway and most of the executable code on the system crippled and blocked from running. It can connect only to the new server and then only by SSH.

Over the next few weeks I plan to turn back up email and other services and restore more of the content of the older sites. Each page of HTML needs to be reviewed to make sure outgoing links, javascript, and CSS code hasn't been corrupted or used to redirect the innocent. My forensics say that didn't happen but there is no good reason not to check everything anyway.

Email will likely be SSL/TLS only and I plan to purchase a real certificate. IMAP will likely be the only access for the short-term. I'm not sure I want PHP on the server so I'm loath to install any of the web-mail readers. I'm still researching between all the crazy alternatives. It will probably be around a Postfix core with either Courier or Dovecot as the MDA. Mysql for the DB this time around just so I get to know it better.

If we turn the Proxy back on for more than a couple of limited IPs it will require Knock to open it up.

Service Status

Last updated

Current status of services on this server
SSHDoneWorking but content is still being checked.
NTPDoneBroadcast only, open in firewall
Email dataDoneData is recovered
WebPartialWorking but content is still being checked.
Email SMTPIn ProgressSoftware is being installed
Email IMAPIn ProgressSoftware is being installed
Email WEBResearchingI hate PHP
Email A/VResearchingProbably Amavis...
Email SpamResearchingProbably SpamAssassin at minimum
Reverse ProxyNot YetLimited to work IPs and maybe via Knock?
FTP/SFTPNot YetNo current need.
New BlogNot YetNeeds research, I don't like WordPress.