Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, period, whether or not you're a customer.

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Updated March 30th, 2024.

This notice applies to all visitors of our website,

1. When this notice applies

This notice applies to all users of the website, and may be edited at any point in the future. By accepting this privacy policy, you are automatically bound to any future revisions of it, unless you choose to opt-out, which can be done at any time from your account settings. An alternative process is detailed below.

2. What personal information is

Personal information is data that can be used to identify a specific person. This data includes, but is not specific to, your name, IP address, email address, address, phone number, and user activity.

The term only applies to data that has been provided to us directly. Additionally, it does not apply to anonymous usage statistics, as long as the data being recorded does not include specific activity. An example of this would be storing usage metrics, such as that a user searched for something, instead of storing what the user searched.

3. Our stored data

Hostile does not store any non-essential data. The data we associate with your user profile does not include your IP address, however we do store completely anonymized IP addresses for unauthenticated users for rate limiting, which is critical to prevent misuse.

Other than this, we do not store or collect your IP address or activity within our own systems, though our infrastructure providers (such as Amazon and CloudFlare) may record anonymized data, to prevent against system misuse. This data is not ever associated with your Hostile account, as this information is collected by them.

A list of all the personal information that Hostile stores about you can be found below:

4. What data we share

None. We do not share your data with any external sources for any reason, unless we are required to by law, or you have authorized us to do so.